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Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support Groups

We provide support for families both in the hospital and beyond. Through support groups led by caring, qualified counselors and social workers with years of experience, we help families move toward healing. Unlike general bereavement support groups, our groups are specifically designed for families of pregnancy and infant loss. Families are able to join a support group at any time. All groups are open to parents, grandparents, extended family, and friends of pregnancy and infant loss. If we do not offer a support group in your area, we will work to connect you with the best possible support group resource near you.

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Keepsake Boxes

We provide partnering hospitals with keepsake boxes to offer to moms and families in their time of loss. Boxes include our angel bear, a handmade blanket for swaddling, options to capture handprints and footprints, and burial gowns. These keepsakes are a physical lifetime connection to the child that was only in a parent’s arms in a matter of minutes or hours. Our boxes also contain literature to help guide parents through their baby's end-of-life plans, resource pamphlets for mother, father, grandparents, family, and friends, and a list of local, regional, and national resources to assist them through the grieving process in the months and years to come.

​Boxes are available in English and Spanish.

Follow Up Care

We keep in touch with our bereaved families through the mail during the first year after their loss. They are directed to a list of grief resources on our website, and are gently reminded that additional support is always available to them if they need it. There are options for families to stay connected with us and other families through our social media pages, newsletters, and events. Families are able to opt-out of our mailing list at any time.

Follow-Up Care


We host this event to support our various programs and to encourage bereaved families to connect with and support one another. Our annual Angel Dash is held in October to commemorate National Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month. We memorialize babies by offering a moment for families to come together to honor their children after the event. 

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