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Healthcare Collaboration 

​A team of medical professionals, grief specialists, and mothers who have experienced loss drafted our well-balanced and comprehensive course to educate medical staff on the unique needs of bereaved mothers. After research, we have learned that medical staff have had little to no training in this area. As a result, stress increases for the caregiver, and there can be a lack of appropriate care given to the patient.

We equip medical professionals with tools to care for these unique patients effectively. Classes are tailored to meet the needs of the professional groups listed. Our class is taught live or facilitated, with questions answered, common situations addressed, and practical procedures provided to help caregivers feel more confident in caring for their loss patients in many different situations. ​


Our class is an accredited Continuing Education Course in Ethics for doctors and nurses.

By providing compassionate bereavement care, you can provide hope and a sense of grace during an incredibly difficult time in a patient's life.



We offer a 4-hour course that is generalized and also includes facility-specific information on how to practically care for a patient experiencing loss. Throughout the education, we focus on alleviating fears and offering very practical tools to help caregivers feel more confident and comfortable walking into these difficult situations - even down to simply what to say and what not to say.

Current Courses

 L&D / NICU / Support Staff

   4 hr duration / 3.75 CEUs


4 hr duration / 3.75 CEUs

Critical Care / High Level NICU

 4 hr duration / 3.75 CEUs

Chaplains / Pastoral Services

 1.5 hr duration / CEUs 

Pediatric Cardiac Care

 4 hr duration / 3.75 CEUs

Senior Nursing Students 

College | 4 hr duration

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Together we can impact the patient satisfaction of your bereaved parent population. 

Who are these patients? Young, healthy 20 and 30 somethings who will return to you for future medical needs and also recommend your facility based on the comprehensive care and resources they received. Or a family that will choose not to return based on the lack of understanding and absence of resources provided to them.

By providing compassionate bereavement care, you can provide hope and a sense of grace during an incredibly difficult time in a patient's life. Their positive experience with your facility and staff will remain with them and will influence their decision for care as they age.


We request our class be an ongoing requirement of your L&D and NICU staff growth.

  • The staff that is the most uncomfortable with loss will not voluntarily take the class and they are the ones they need it the most! We've had so many nurses come back and say the class was so much better then they were expecting and they were so glad they were "made" to come.

  • This allows for consistent patient care through shift changes and so forth. No matter what nurse is assigned to the loss patient, they are trained and know the procedures and feel confident taking on their care.

  • As employee turnover takes place, you eventually would lose everyone that had been trained! This way the program stays impactful and everyone stays on the same page.​​​​

  • ​Staff not having education on how to care for these unique patients, and inconsistency of care, has proven to adversely affect patient outcomes. 

  • We recommend that you also advertise and offer the course as an option to key ER staff, Chaplains, Techs, partnering obstetricians, and anyone else in the facility that comes in contact with your loss patients. 



Obtaining Our Services Inquiry

All costs associated are for reimbursement of costs incurred by us, such as travel expenses, instructor fees, and classroom materials. We do our best to keep costs at a minimum and will work with you for the best plan to enable you to activate the program. The patient supplies and all patient care, resources, and follow-up are covered by us as long as you keep all current staff trained.

To begin the process of obtaining the services of Rachel's Gift, please complete the form below. We will be in contact with additional information.

Do you have a NICU or Special Care Nursery?

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