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Keepsake Boxes

When you partner with Rachel's Gift and your staff completes our education class, we provide your facility with keepsake boxes to offer to your patients and families at their time of loss. Boxes include our angel bear, a handmade blanket for swaddling, options to capture handprints and footprints, and burial gowns. These keepsakes are a physical lifetime connection to the child that was only in a parent’s arms in a matter of minutes or hours.

When a hospital partners with Rachel's Gift and the staff completes our education class, we provide facilities with keepsake boxes to offer to patients and families in their time of loss.

Inside The Keepsake Boxes

Our boxes contain literature to help guide parents through the baby's end-of-life plans, resource pamphlets for mothers, fathers, grandparents, family, and friends, and a list of local, regional, and national resources to assist them through the grieving process in the months and years to come.

Boxes are currently available in English and Spanish.

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Our Gifts

  • Donated handmade blanket (crocheted or knitted)

  • Rachel's Gift stuffed angel bear  

  • A copy of  When Hello Means Goodbye

  • Ink print keepsake card 

  • Rachel's Gift resource pamphlets for mother, father, grandparents, family, and friends

  • End of Life Care Guidance flyer​

  • Resources for support groups, memorial items, financial assistance for preferred baby's end-of-life plans

Additional Materials

  • Bereavement diaper set 

  • Bereavement wrap or gown

  • Knitted or crocheted cradle from Bridget's Cradles

  • ​Resource for patients 30+ weeks gestation to alleviate Empty Arms Syndrome

  • Resource and keepsake for ER and Surgical Center to give to miscarriage patients treated and released  

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